RoastingCourse Training&Consulting

Private Coffee Roasting Training & Consulting
Working on your own equipment, in your own space, with your
own green coffee.
Let me Pimp your Profiles with immediate results!!
My strengths are:
  • Roasting Production & Processes - both Commercial & Specialty
  • Roast Profiling - Official Cropster Ambassador, Artisan
  • Having worked on a wide range of roasting equipment - Probat, Loring, Diedrich, Giesen, Joper, Toper, US Roasters Corp, San Franciscan, Vittoria, Petroncini, Brambati, IMF, Has Garanti, Roastmax, Proaster, Fluid Bed - from Sample to 1kg, 5kg, 12kg, 15kg, 22kg, 30kg, 45kg, 60kg, 70kg, 90kg & 120kg
  • Certified Arabica Q Grader
  • QC Cupping & Roast Analysis
$95 per hour or $750/day incl.GST
Plus costs of Travel & Accommodation
Driving costs: .68c/km
for the Coffee Roasting Industry
2-day Practical, Hands-on Roasting Course held on a weekend
Bookings via Eventbrite:
$1094.50 incl.GST

ONLINE Consulting Available!



to set up your

ONLINE session!!



Arrange for Private Coffee Roasting Training & Consulting at your own Roastery.

This option provides you with the opportunity to have me come out and work with you on your own equipment, in your space, with your green coffee.


Many people prefer this option if they are wanting to receive guidance on how to use their specific equipment as opposed to the course which primarily focuses on learning concepts, skills, and strategies.