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With over 30 years working in the Coffee Industry, Anne has gained experience in many areas of the industry - as Barista, Café Owner/Manager, National Trainer & Assessor, Head Roaster & Roasting Production Manager to now Roasting Consultant & Trainer - from a grass roots level through to a national and international corporate level.


Anne has also competed in, won and judged State and National Barista, Cup Tasting and Roasting competitions in both Australia (ASCA) and the USA (NERBC, USBC & RG).


After completing the SCAA Cupping Judge & Q Graders Certification, Anne gained valuable industry experience working in the USA as Head Roaster for Specialty Coffee Company Dallis Bros Coffee in New York City and also judged as a member of the first International Jury for Cup of Excellence Naturals in Brazil.


Upon returning to Australia, Anne was Head Roaster at Proud Mary Coffee and then Axil Coffee Roasters in Melbourne.


She also took on the role Re-defining & Re-designing the Score Sheets & Structure as Head Judge for the Golden Bean Roasting Competition - the largest roasting competition in the southern hemisphere and a competition that she has also won twice.


Anne's prolific coffee career has allowed her to develop extensive skills and knowledge with a wide range of roasting machines & companies (from large scale roasters to small specialty roasters), various roasting techniques and industry relevant processes and protocols.


Now working independently, Anne continues to impart her vast knowledge and specialty skills training and consulting within the Australian, Brazilian and US coffee industries

What some Happy Coffee Roasters had to say:  

Just wanted to say thank you once again for the weekend, it was great to be exposed to some great info and the opportunity to use a variety of different roasters.


- Michael, Cabrito Coffee

Education is everything. Don’t ever stop learning. It will be the best thing for your career as a roaster to do Anne’s roasting course!



- Richard, Silipo Coffee 

I'm working over my roaster at the moment busting out a 30kg order. I'm not joking when I say I'm getting some of the best results I've ever had!! I seriously can't be happier Anne! I'm now super, super excited!!


Initially I was hesitant to come to the course because I thought that $1000 could be better spent elsewhere. But I'm so, so glad now, that's $1000 of beans I would have butchered previously and now I have a solid base of knowledge to steer me in a better direction than where I was going.


I’m so glad I was able to partake in this course. The abundance of knowledge was priceless. For once I got to nerd out with other like-minded people! Thank you so much!!


- Brendon, Melbourne

Thanks again for all your help! Our roast profiles have improved out of sight after doing the course. I learnt sooo much & really thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge & passion with us. It means a lot.


-Dan, Melbourne

Our coffee roasting weekend after the course was awesome!!! We used so much of the info from the roasting course. Thanks to you, we are on our way to becoming better roasters!!! 


- Sam & Dan, Ground & Pound Coffee

Thankyou so much for the wonderful course and for spending some time with me working on my profiles.  


It was amazing and I learned a lot!!


I will be highly recommending your course!


- Nick, Grounds of Alexandria


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